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Four Benefits A Golf Course Mower Provides Farmers

by Amélie Simon

Even though you are a farmer first and everything else second, you still have to mow your lawn around the house. That is just one of those chores that cannot be left alone, or the weeds in the yard will spread to your fields. Yet, mowing is such a hassle when you have to contend with horseflies, chiggers, and other biting insects. Perhaps what you need is a golf course mower. Here are some of the benefits of using a non-traditional mower on your farmhouse lawn.

1. Golf Course Mowers Are Riding Mowers

Farmers spend a lot of time on their feet. It gets very tiring to put in twenty-hour days with most of it on your feet. So, when a golf course mower comes along, it is quite a treat to do this chore because you can sit the entire time. The only other times you get to do that is when you are plowing, seeding, and harvesting.

2. The Golf Course Mower Is Enclosed

Because a golf course mower has to protect the driver against flying golf balls, the whole cab of the mower is enclosed. When you move this mower from the golf course to the farm, the enclosure of the mower protects you against biting insects, which is a real relief since there are several different kinds of flying bugs looking for a meal. Now you can sit and mow in peace without constantly slapping and scratching as you do this chore.

3. The Golf Course Mower Does Not Cost More Than Most Standard Riding Lawn Mowers

Quite honestly, if you planned to invest in a riding lawn mower anyway, investing in the golf mower is even better. They do not cost all that much more than a standard riding mower. Standard riding mowers also do not come equipped with an attached cab enclosure, and the vast majority of riding lawnmowers do not even offer the choice to buy the cab enclosure as an accessory. The golf mower is an all-in-one deal.

4. Golf Mowers Trim the Grass REALLY Short

On a farm, there are lots of problems with pests getting into your home, specifically mice and voles. While the farm cats can take care of some of these pests, you can help prevent them from entering your home. Keeping the grass around the house really short does the trick because then there is no high grass for these pests to hide in. A golf mower does cut the grass really short, which helps with this endeavor.

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