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4 Tools You Need to Cut Down a Mature Tree

by Amélie Simon

If you have a mature tree on your property that you are determined to cut down yourself, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment on hand to cut down the tree.

1. Chainsaw

You need a strong chainsaw if you plan on cutting up a lot of trees. You are going to want to use a chainsaw that has about a twenty-foot bar so that the bar on the chainsaw is long enough to cut through any tree that you encounter. Make sure that the chainsaw has some good horsepower behind it to cut through your trees.

2. Tree Shear

If you have a tractor, fork-lift, or skid steer loader, you can purchase a tree shear attachment. Depending on the equipment that you are attaching the tree shear to, you can use the tree shear to cut the tree partway up the trunk or at the base of the trunk. You can also use a tree shear to cut the trunk down into smaller, more manageable pieces.

A tree shear is a good piece of equipment to rent if you need to clear a large number of trees for your property. For just a couple of trees, renting a tree shear may not be worth the investment.

3. Test Rope

Next, you need a test rope. You are going to want it to be a heavy-duty test rope that is about two or three times longer than the tree is high. You can use the test rope to climb the tree if you plan on climbing the tree and cutting it down into pieces. You can also tie the test rope around the tree and anchor it to help direct the way that the tree falls.

4. Safety Gear

You need to make sure that you have the right safety gear before you start cutting down the tree. You are going to want to have safety glasses that cover your eyes and connect with your face to prevent wood chips from getting into your eyes. You are going to want to get some earplugs or ear covers as well. You should also invest in or purchase some leg protectors. That way if the chainsaw kicks back, you'll be safe.

Before you cut down any trees on your property, make sure that you have the right equipment. You'll need a strong saw or tree shears to cut down the tree. A test rope will help guide you as you cut down the tree, and the right safety gear will keep you safe. To rent equipment, visit