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How To Pick The Best Hydraulic Oil Filter For Your Tractor

by Amélie Simon

The hydraulic system of your tractor is what gives it the power that you rely on to do everything you need to do in your agricultural setting. Just like regular engines that rely on basic motor oil, hydraulic systems rely on several components to keep the fluid free-flowing and free of impurities. Therefore, the hydraulic oil filter for your tractor is one of the most important parts. A low-quality filter can mean you run into things like lowered amounts of power and having to replace the hydraulic fluid more frequently than necessary, and both problems can come at an incredible expense. Here is a look at some of the attributes you should be looking for in a hydraulic oil filter for your tractor.

Buy an oil filter that gives you a guarantee of hour usage.

Instead of miles, tractor manufacturers generally offer guidelines based on hours of use since tractors are not typically used to cover extensive ranges of mileage but can run for many hours. When you are looking for the best hydraulic oil filter for your tractor, make sure you are only considering units that give you a guarantee of how many hours they can be used. For example, the filter should clearly state that the unit should be replaced after 50 or 75 hours.

Buy an oil filter that has a durable metal exterior.

The exterior shell of a hydraulic oil filter is best if it is made of metal. You can find some units that are created from temperature-resistant plastic materials, but these rarely offer the same level of quality. Plastic does not handle temperature extremes as well as metal, and the material is definitely not as durable. Even if you can pick up a plastic oil filter for cheaper, it is usually best to pay a bit more and go with the metal version instead.

Buy an oil filter that is specifically made for your tractor.

Most importantly, it is always best to go with hydraulic oil filters that are specifically made for your tractor. Many people try to opt for aftermarket oil filters or those that are considered universal, but these units do not always provide the best quality or the right fit when they are installed. For example, if you have a Mahindra 1526 tractor, you will want to pick up a Mahindra 1526 oil filter that is created by the manufacturer specifically for your tractor model.