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Everything You Need To Know About Compact Tractors For Your Homestead

by Amélie Simon

As some Americans are returning to the land to be self-sufficient on small, 21st century homesteads, they are realizing that living off the land takes a lot of hard work. Luckily, today's homesteaders have something that previous generations did not: a compact tractor.  

What can a subcompact tractor do?

The real question is not what a compact tractor can do, but rather what do you need a compact tractor to do. A compact tractor can do much of the heavy work on your homestead, from snow removal to lawn care. List the tasks that you need help with and use that information to make your decision on which make and model of tractor to purchase. 

What is the difference between a compact and a subcompact tractor?

The key difference between these two types of tractors is size and capacity. Subcompact tractors are slightly smaller and, as such, will be able to move slightly less material. Both options have the ability to add specialized attachments and both have multiple options for horsepower. If storage space is tight, you may want to choose a subcompact model. 

What attachments will I need for my compact tractor?

Compact tractors come with many attachments. Each attachment is a specialized piece of equipment that not only helps you get a tough job done easily but also makes your compact tractor that much more useful. Northern climates will definitely want to add a snowplow attachment before winter comes, but a loader and a landscape rake are also popular choices. Think about the tasks you need help with and buy accordingly. You can always buy more attachments later. 

How many hours will a compact tractor last?

A tractor could last 500 hours or thousands of hours. It all depends on how well you take care of it. 

How much horsepower is enough?

How much horsepower you need on your homestead or hobby farm depends on what tasks you need the tractor to accomplish. A 25 horsepower engine can handle many tasks around the homestead, but may not be strong enough for moving heavy loads or plowing snow. A 75 to 100 horsepower engine, on the other hand, should be able to handle everything you can throw at it. 

Farming your own little piece of America is a dream come true for many. Having a compact tractor help you with that dream is even better. Contact a tractor supplier near you to learn more.