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Specialized Reins for a Group of Horses

by Amélie Simon

Reins provide a viable way for a horse owner to communicate with a group of horses. They can be used to direct a series of horses to walk or run in one direction or to stop moving altogether. A specialized set of reins designed to be used with a collection of horses will assist someone who uses their horses for agricultural purposes.

Horse Reins

A bit and a neck piece are used to secure a horse's head and alert them to the tension that is being placed upon the back of their neck and mouth. A set of specialized reins that are designed for use with several horses will contain several neck and bit attachments that are each secured to the main handles that a rider will utilize. A bit and a neck piece will often be referred to as a bridle.

The quality of this piece will be reflective of how much tension can be applied to an animal's mouth and neck. When a rider pulls back on the reins, the neck strap and the bit will apply tension. A horse can feel the strap directly against their neck. The strip that is within their mouth will firmly pull back too. This will prompt the horse to act accordingly, based upon the manner in which their owner has trained them.


Using a pair of specialized reins will take some training. Quality reins should be constructed of leather or another durable material that is weatherproof. Reins can be used while traversing flat or bumpy surfaces. Since a series of horses will have a lot of weight on them, a pair of reins that will be used to control the horses should be strong enough to resist excessive force. Reins should contain multiple neck straps and bits that are securely anchored to the rein handles.

The rein handles that an operator utilizes should be comfortable to grip. Some rein products may contain textured handles; these types of handles may be easier for a horse rider to grip than uncoated handles. Before a group of horses is used to pull a plow, a wagon, or another piece of agricultural equipment, a horse owner should use an arena (indoor or outdoor) to train their horses. Each horse should be secured to a set of specialized reins. Upon doing so, a horse owner can slowly train their horses how to follow their lead.

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