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Everything You Need To Know About Backyard Greenhouses

by Amélie Simon

If you're interested in gardening, you may have considered adding a backyard greenhouse to your home. Here's what you need to know.

Are there different types of backyard greenhouses?

Backyard greenhouses come in a wide range of sizes, from small structures that are only big enough to grow a few plants. There are three main types, including:

  • Cold frame. A cold frame is a small structure, typically with a hinged lid, used to protect plants from cold weather.
  • Lean-to. A lean-to greenhouse is a type of structure that is attached to the side of a building. They are usually placed on the south side of a house, garage, or outbuilding to get the most sunlight possible.
  • Freestanding. A freestanding greenhouse is a structure that is not attached to any other building and can be placed anywhere in a garden or backyard.

Additionally, some backyard greenhouses are partially underground, which can help regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse. There are called pit greenhouses, sunken greenhouses, or Walipinis.

What are the benefits of having a backyard greenhouse?

There are many benefits of having a backyard greenhouse, including:

  • Protection from bad weather. One of the most significant benefits of owning a backyard greenhouse is that it can protect your plants from bad weather, like strong winds, heavy rain, or even snow.
  • Extend the growing season. With a backyard greenhouse, you can extend the growing season by controlling the temperature and the amount of sunlight your plants get. Backyard greenhouses allow you to grow plants that wouldn't usually be able to grow in your area as well as starting earlier in the spring and end later in the fall.
  • Pest control. Greenhouses can also help you control pests by keeping them out of the structure.

Many gardeners like to start seeds in their greenhouses to have a head start on the growing season.

How do you choose a suitable backyard greenhouse for your needs?

When you are choosing a backyard greenhouse, there are a few things you need to take into consideration, including:

  • Size. The first thing you need to consider is the size of the structure. You need to ensure that it is big enough to accommodate all the plants you want to grow.
  • Material. The greenhouse's material is also important. Glass is a popular choice because it lets in a lot of sunlight, but it can be expensive. Plastic is a more affordable option but doesn't let in as much light.
  • Location. You need to make sure that the backyard greenhouses are in a spot that gets a lot of sunlight and receives protection from strong winds.
  • Budget. Another key point that you should consider is your budget. Backyard greenhouses can range greatly in price depending on the size and type you choose.

If backyard greenhouses sound like something you'd be interested in, you should research to see which would be the best for your needs.